Altaflex, for over 50 years, has dedicated itself to writing the history of good sleep with a range of customized solutions: traditional springs, independent and hybrid microsprings, latest generation foams, bed bases and pillows.

We combine the latest generation technologies with artisanal finishes, fine fabrics and natural materials in order to give life to contemporary and above all cutting-edge creations.
Our mattresses are created with a vision that is always looking at the evolutionary trends of materials and comfort without ever neglecting design.

Never forgetting our roots and our Italian character, the tailoring and quality of each mattress translates into great attention to detail, selective materials, craftsmanship and passion for what we do.

Altaflex is a solid and dynamic reality, in which we design and produce innovative and customizable mattresses, mattresses for sofa beds, bed bases and pillows.
Our Made in Italy is authentic. All products are made in the Apulian area and the materials used are selected with care and passion.

The mattress, like a tailor-made suit made by master craftsmen, is entirely customizable in terms of coverings, details and functions, thus adapting to individual needs.

Years of experience
Customers in the world
Energy from renewable sources
CO2 emissions

Altaflex does not limit itself to respecting the highest standards required by national and European quality certifications but, thanks to intense team work, carried out in collaboration with Medical Specialists, Professionals and Laboratories, our mattresses reach new goals in terms of ergonomics, rewarded by specific certifications that guarantee the level of comfort of the product, measured on many models in our range, both with Hybrid Technology and Memory Evo.

Furthermore, our choice “to live in harmony with nature” has also directed us to obtain the “CATAS” and “OEKO-TEX” certifications, which represent an important step forward in Altaflex’s continuous efforts to work in a sustainable way.

Today choosing a natural product means respecting the environment and man.

Each of us is called to make a choice to safeguard the health of our planet and improve the quality of life.