A range of customized solutions: traditional springs, independent and hybrid microsprings, latest generation foams, bed bases and pillows.

Removable covers

Our coverings ensure a healthier rest, avoiding the proliferation of germs and bacteria.


The Made in Italy expertise of true artisans who know how to transform their knowledge to improve the quality of sleep.


Our toppers personalize sleeping comfort to the maximum thanks to their internal compositions.


In addition to the quality of the mattresses, Altaflex accompanies a range of pillows for every sleeping need.

Mattress cover

Essential accessories to keep your mattress in optimal conditions for longer, practical and easy to handle.


We are committed to offering products made with the utmost craftsmanship, combining exclusive design, unsurpassed quality and cutting-edge technology.

Our dedication to Made in Italy translates into an experience of superior comfort and reliability, shaped by our long tradition of innovation and commitment to excellence.


Experience and reliability

To improve people’s sleep quality. The energy and clarity with which you face your days depends precisely on its quality.

Latest generation technology

The research and products we continually develop arise from the need to satisfy as many needs as possible.

Certified and guaranteed products

Always committed to guaranteeing the maximum transparency and safety of products thanks to the best certifications in the industry.

Made in Italy design and quality

The combination of artisanal sensitivity and Italian genius give life to unique products for rest. Altaflex uses only 100% Italian materials.