The products purchased are guaranteed for a period of 2 years from the date of purchase (Legal Guarantee). To enforce the guarantee, the interested party must report the lack of conformity in writing to the seller within 2 months from the date of discovery, under penalty of forfeiture. This warranty does not apply in all cases of improper use of the product. In particular, the guarantee does not cover any depressions of the surfaces used lower than 15%, as these values are considered physiological for the settlement of the padding subjected to the weight of the human body (tolerances and measurements compliant with the UNI EN 10707 and UNI EN 1334 standards ). Furthermore, non-conformities due to negligence or carelessness in use, such as failure to observe the use and maintenance instructions indicated in the warranty booklet issued upon delivery of the product, are not covered by this warranty.

Altaflex offers its customers, in addition to the two-year legal guarantee, the extension of a further conventional guarantee starting from the third year of purchase, up to the fifth year; 2 years Legal Guarantee + 3 years Conventional Guarantee (Art. 1519-septies Civil Code). THE CONVENTIONAL ALTAFLEX WARRANTY IS INTENDED TO BE APPLICABLE FOR THE RESTORATION OF THE STRUCTURE OF THE PRODUCT ONLY, WHEN THE OCCURRENCE OF ONLY ASSERTED CASES RELATING TO: Loss of bearing capacity and thickness greater than 15% of the internal structure alone, excluding the loss of thickness of padding which with the use of the product settles down. This applies in particular to mattresses whose internal structure is made up of flexible and anatomical blocks such as latex, advanced foams and shape memory foams, viscoelastic, Hidrocell. In this regard, reference is made to the UNI EN 1334:1998 regulation. Tolerances: Any depressions less than 15% of the original height of the mattress are considered natural (UNI 10707:2003). Slight differences in measurement/dimensions compared to those indicated on the product label are to be considered compliant, considering the high elasticity and flexibility of the materials and components used in the creation of the product.

The indicated height of the mattress is intended from the center of the mattress surface. As the product is used for longer, light marks may appear in the fabric/covering due to normal progressive wear of the product (and/or pilling). This does not compromise in any way the comfort performance and technical characteristics of the product itself. Breakage of the spring, with the spring body assembly spiral coming out at the same time. Requests for assistance on the product must be reported to the authorized Altaflex point of sale, where the purchase was made, reporting the product references, the purchase documentation of the same, as well as the details of the defect complained of. In the absence of objective confirmation, the costs incurred for the assessment and/or right to call may be borne by the applicant. ALTAFLEX srl reserves the right to ascertain (unquestionable judgment) the existence of the defect on the product in the cases mentioned above, also through the visit of one of its representatives. The product will be restored at our headquarters, where it must arrive via the local retailer where the purchase was made or, alternatively, by the consumer, postage paid, adequately packaged and in perfect hygienic conditions. The consumer will be responsible for the transport costs of the restored product and sent to the address indicated to us. Failure to comply with the above indications will invalidate any possibility of intervention.

ANY COMPLAINTS OR REQUESTS FOR ASSISTANCE ON THE PRODUCT, WHETHER IN THE REQUEST OR VERIFICATION PHASE ON THE PRODUCT ITSELF, WILL UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES BE TAKEN INTO CONSIDERATION IF THE FOLLOWING CONDITIONS ARE FOUND TO BE FOUND: – The defect on the product is due to use/ inappropriate use of the mattress. (e.g. it has been rolled up, folded, tied for storage, or placed on an inadequate support surface, etc.) – The maintenance and use rules indicated in the sales documentation attached to the product have not been routinely observed. – The mattress is not in perfect hygienic and maintenance conditions (see Legislative Decree no. 81/08 to protect workers’ health) and has any type of stain and/or stain on its surface. – The defect is due to the use of an unsuitable and/or inadequate base/mattress support surface: for example metal mesh base, slatted base in a number lower than n. 14 strips measuring 190 cm in length and nr. 15 in size 200 cm. – Slats not in steamed/bent beech. Bed base with single table, without holes for ventilation of the bed surface; As well as other types of inadequate and compliant supports.

THE CONVENTIONAL ALTAFLEX WARRANTY IS ALSO NOT DUE IN THE FOLLOWING CASES: – The mattress is in inadequate hygienic conditions, with obvious organic stains and so on. Accidental spillage of liquids. Presence of mold due for example to from external factors such as humidity in the room where the product is housed and/or environmental conditions of temperature changes. – Inadequate use of steam/foam mattress surface sanitizing tools, use of thermal blankets, indirect damage, etc. (The formation of “mold” inside or on the surface of the mattress due to external factors is not covered by the warranty). – Factors of personal dissatisfaction with the product on a subjective basis, relating to the characteristics and/or performances of the product, for example found at the time of testing and purchasing the product (e.g. too soft – too rigid – heat effect/excessive sweating; how much other). – Any damage to the mattress caused by sheets or other covers that release color. – Oxidation of the coating as it does not preclude the use characteristics of the product. – Any tears in the fabric, stitching, holes, stains in the fabric, broken zips or other imperfections that do not affect the functionality of the mattress must be reported upon delivery of the product. – The presence of dot formation on the covering fabric (blotting).

Nightwear, often containing synthetic fibres, can cause a “pilling” effect on the surface of the mattress cover. Sometimes the synthetic fibers in contact with the mattress, as well as depending on the person and the environment, can contribute to the emergence of electrostatic charges which, due to the “rubbing” effect, cause the padding material to circulate through the cover, creating small agglomerates of fabric on the surface: “pilling” effect. This does not affect the normal functionality of the mattress and is not a condition subject to warranty. – For anything else not specifically provided for/indicated in the context of this guarantee, the provisions of Italian law apply.


ALTAFLEX SRL offers a 2-year guarantee on all sofa bed mechanisms.

The guarantee will be valid under the following conditions:
– the mechanism must have been properly maintained (see below);
– it must be proven that the breakage is due to manufacturing defects and not to incorrect use of the mechanism such as:
• leave blankets, pillows or other items inside the closed mechanism in the sofa position;
• the use of mattresses with sizes and parameters different from those indicated;
• incorrect assembly of the seat cushions;
• incorrect assembly of other details of the sofa.

All mechanisms require correct maintenance to ensure good efficiency and effectiveness over time.

The points to be respected for correct maintenance are:
• lubricate the levers of the mechanical movement part at least twice a year (see photos and points indicated). Failure to lubricate the
levers can lead to a squeaking/noisy mechanism and poor operation, which can lead to other problems. One is recommended
silicone lubricant spray;
• periodically remove dust and dirt from the mechanical parts;
• it is recommended to insert a mattress protector between the bed surface and the mattress to avoid damage to the mattress covering caused by
mechanical components.

This guarantee is granted exclusively to ALTAFLEX SRL customers who have purchased the sofa bed mechanisms. The value compensated by the guarantee
it can never exceed the price of the mechanism itself.

The Altaflex company reserves the right to make any changes it deems appropriate at any time, furthermore the colors of the products are indicative. Altaflex guarantees the functioning of the products provided that they are used correctly and that mattresses of its own production are used, therefore any damage caused by the incorrect use of the mechanisms and the use of other mattresses relieves the Altaflex company of any responsibility. It is also forbidden to close blankets, sheets or anything else inside the net, with the exception of the mattress only. Mattresses for sofa beds in general, particularly those in foam, are subject to normal shrinkage compared to their initial measurements due to their type of use. All the feet used to support the mechanisms in this catalog are to be considered optional.